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Bernice Leroy

This cheerful painting was created by Beyond the Brushes member, Bernice Leroy. Bernice joined the community in September 2019 with art experience early on in her life until life itself got in the way.
Bernice began drawing at a young age and even dabbled in some paintings. Desiring to learn, she taught herself oils, but the lack of guidance hindered her abilities. Soon after is when life got in the way. She had not painted for years by the time she joined Beyond the Brushes.
Luckily, life stepped out of the way, and Bernice is back to taking part in something she loves. This particular photo reflects her positive personality. She was thrilled to work from a reference image that had "atmosphere, a happy couple, high enough quality, and a lovely color palette." And her view on what was the worst part of the painting? Why nothing at all. She believes there are no "worst parts" in creativity.
Bernice is the kind of person that when "challenge" is mentioned, she is one of the first to pull up a chair. Less than perfect photos are an opportunity to learn. Critique and feedback are just about always a positive experience or result in a better outcome. It's all in the way you frame it.
When asked about her experience in the community, Bernice said...
"Beyond the Brushes has proved to provide the guidance I needed in a kind, clear, and understandable way. One has to be willing to follow classes in the sequence they are provided, to unlearn certain perceptions and relearn better ways. As Michelle is an excellent teacher, she neither lets you get demotivated nor lets you jump ahead until you are where you need to be to build on your skills. So, a big thank you to Michelle and the critique team."
Thank you, Bernice, for your inspiring growth mindset. The world can definitely use a lot more people like you, and I am happy our community managed to catch your attention from the crowd. Welcome home. 🤗
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