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Cath Smith

This breathtaking painting was created by Beyond the Brush member, Cath Smith. Cath has earned the titles of Certified Professional Photographer and Photographic Craftsman from the Professional Photographers of America. However, she has been surrounded by painting since she was a little girl.
With a talented artist for a grandmother and a sister serving as the art teacher for a prestigious boy's school in England, painting has been ingrained in her life. For the last four decades, Cath has been painting in some form or fashion, but she has always felt like something was missing from her work.
So, Cath joined Beyond the Brushes and has been a member since the beginning (a self-proclaimed "lifer" with the community). She stated that...
"It wasn't until I joined Beyond the Brushes that I began to connect the dots on what I was missing in my organic paintwork...Beyond the Brushes has reignited my love for creating art. After decades of frustrating attempts to create something that met my standards, I'm finally creating work I'm proud of, both in organic mediums and in mixed-media."
Cath said the most challenging and fun part of the project was the model's neck. It was obscured in the original photograph by the model's hand, but persevering through the frustrating process proved to be very rewarding for her and us. Just look at her painting!
I am looking forward to seeing how far your perseverance pushes you to let go and create. Your love for creating is well placed, and I am proud of how far you've come.

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