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Claudia Nix

This adorable pup belongs to Beyond the Brushes member, Claudia Nix.  After just a few months in Beyond the Brushes, she has created an absolute masterpiece!

Over 20 years ago, Claudia last held a paintbrush in hand.  She used to dabble in oil paints and even had a few classes as a tween-ager. Her love for painting was rekindled when she joined Beyond the Brushes in September of 2019.  

She's been dabbling with a Wacom since 2001, but clearly, it has finally "clicked"!

Claudia says...

"The best part of painting this was that the subject is near and dear to my heart--my schnauzer boy, Smithy.  I "got into the zone" and loved mixing the colors around and adding the highlights.  There was not a "worst" part but I was so thankful for Michelle's critique where she encouraged me to soften his fur a bit and blend him into the background more naturally. "

When I asked Claudia if she'd like to share about her experience as a student in Beyond the Brushes she said...

"I feel so dramatic saying this but...Beyond the Brushes has truly been life-changing for me.  I have taken several of Michelle's classes over the past 4 years so I was already familiar with what an absolutely phenomenal teacher she is. She strikes the perfect balance between being completely honest with her feedback and not discouraging her students.  That's a gift. I love the Beyond the Brushes community. There are so many fantastic people! Seeing the work everyone is doing is inspiring and motivating.  The video critiques are invaluable both from Michelle and the Review Specialists.  Thank you!"

Thank YOU, Claudia, for being such an outstanding student!




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