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Dawn Thurston

This spirited painting was created by Beyond the Brushes member, Dawn Thurston.
Dawn joined the community back in March 2020. With a BA in English and a MA in Communications, her experience in painting was limited. However, a few decades ago she took a couple years of oil painting classes. Since then, she has refrained from doing any painting until she found Beyond the Brushes.
Something that most likely helped Dawn transition from canvas to Photoshop was the experience she gained taking Photoshop compositing classes. Though she didn't learn how to use the mixer brush, knowledge of Photoshop under her belt gave her the stepping stone she needed to adjust.
When asked about her experience in Beyond the Brushes, Dawn gushed about her journey finding the class and her time in the community so far. After seeing an image posted in a Facebook Photoshop group, she decided to check out my site, and..."I think I started hyperventilating. Your images and process spoke to me. I HAD to take your class."
Aside from the initial pull from her inner artist, Dawn also saw the benefit of lower entry costs. No expensive equipment required and a studio free of the smell of turpentine. Though a Wacom Art Pen, Wacom Intuos Tablet, and, of course, Photoshop, are required. The overall cost is heavily the time invested learning rather than the equipment necessary to learn.
Dawn took her assessment of the course further saying...
"I have appreciated your professional approach to the class, your excellent, inspiring videos that lead us gently and systematically to learn by doing. I love the opportunity to be critiqued and observe others being critiqued. The students you've amassed are welcoming, positive, and helpful. One more thing: I've struggled to learn how to use a Wacom tablet for a number of years--with no success. But I HAD to learn how to use a pen and tablet to be able to develop in your class. And, I did, and now I don't know what all the fuss was about. Thank you, Michelle."
Thank you, Dawn! It seems that being in the community has truly produced a new Dawn, and as we enter a new age, I cannot help but share your excitement for your future. It's truly a pleasure teaching you and seeing how you have developed. Stay excited and keep on painting. 🤗

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