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Deb Rice

This sensual painting was created by Beyond the Brushes member, Deb Rice. Deb joined the community in October 2019, and though she has been a lifelong photographer, she has quite a diverse background.
Deb has a Bachelor's in Marketing with an emphasis on Agricultural Business and a Master's in Economics. For over 28 years, she worked in the publishing industry as a ghostwriter and editor of nonfiction/finance books. To top it off, she is an aspiring children's literature author and illustrator.
Yet, even with her photography background and illustration aspirations, Deb had no prior experience painting before Beyond the Brushes. Though she's had the desire, she didn't think she could draw. But after taking the plunge and getting some encouragement and instruction, she's completing the steps toward fulfilling her dream.
With an artistic career that allowed her head to be up in the clouds, Deb has imaged several potential paintings. This one, "Sunbather," is one such image. Seeing her vision come to fruition was a rewarding and confidence-building experience. She struggled with the hair and water but was able to draw from the knowledge gained in Beyond the Brushes to complete this gorgeous piece.
As for her experience with Beyond the Brushes, Deb had 2 key areas to discuss: community and education.
"One of the many things that I love about Beyond the Brushes is the community. The site is rich with information about artists, art history, and painting techniques. It is also a network of other aspiring artists. As a member, I have the opportunity to see their artwork and hear what they are doing in addition to sharing my own art. As for the education, there is no better source to learn painting in Photoshop than Beyond the Brushes. Before joining, I researched many sources trying to find a program that would teach me how to paint in Photoshop. I was elated to find Michelle’s website and learn that ANYONE can paint. After 50+ years of believing that I would never be able to paint, I finally can. I am a beginner and look forward to learning much more as I advance. Thank you, Michelle, for helping me fulfill my dream."
Thank you, Deb, for being willing to take the first step. The old adage "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink" really applies when it comes to art. Many have been discouraged away from it for reasons similar to your own. Your strength to break past Rufus and come to the realization it just takes time and practice is an inspiration. Keep breaking free and, most importantly, keep creating.
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