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Evie Shoeman

This spectacular piece of artwork was created by Beyond the Brush member, Evie Shoeman. Evie is a lifelong creative but didn't really start tapping into her creative side until she retired.
As a self-taught artist, Evie has always been passionate about and held a deep admiration for art. Originally, photography captured her interest. Then, she dipped her toes into digital art while dabbling with Corel but was not using the program frequently enough to solidify her knowledge. Luckily, she happened across my website and found painting and Photoshop to be "a match made in heaven." Evie promptly joined Beyond the Brushes when it began in September 2019.
Though photography may have been her first love, painting turned out to be her true love. Now, Evie's goal is to continue improving and one day begin selling her paintings. I believe she is well on her way. 😊
While creating this painting, Evie mentioned that the hardest part was the shadow darkening the subject's face in the original photograph. She wanted to keep the shadow but also accentuate the facial features, and she crushed it! 🙌 Though she was worried the painting wouldn't come together, her focus on color harmony really aided in creating a cohesive piece of artwork.
Thank you, Evie, for sharing your story and your artwork. It is never too late to start learning what you are passionate about, and obviously, it can pay off for you! Congratulations on such a gorgeous piece.


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