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Kelly O'Keefe

This pampered painting was created by Beyond the Brushes member, Kelly O'Keefe. Kelly joined in March 2020 with a bad taste in her mouth for painting workshops, but luckily, Beyond the Brushes is and continues to be more than that to her...
"I love Beyond the Brushes because the feedback and continued learning are invaluable. I have taken quite a few painting workshops over the years, but afterward, when I was home in my own space trying to recreate what we learned, left me feeling like a failure. With this painting, Tina helped me numerous times to see what could be done differently to get the painting to this point."
You can learn more about this painting by clicking over to page 26 of the April 2021 edition for the Elevate Your Art magazine! https://www.elevateyourart.com/elevate-your-art-magazine





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