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Kimberly Buccheri

This tantalizing painting was created by Beyond the Brushes member, Kimberly Buccheri. Though she studied at Boston University in Venice, Italy, she mentioned that most of her education before joining in October 2019 came from learning from her partner and fiancee, Bud Thorpe.
A dog photographer, Kimberly had limited prior experience with digital painting. She had taken bits and pieces of information from short online classes and YouTube, which ended up just creating a jumbled, confusing mess. Her authentic painting experience goes all the way back to pre-school, but that is also where it ended until now!
While creating this painting, Kimberly permitted herself more freedom in order to create something new. Her brush strokes and settings were not at the forefront of her mind. Instead, she let herself listen to the paint, and what an outcome! 👏 But even triumph has its struggles.
Paintings like these are where photography teachings and rules can be a stumbling block. Trying to make the final portrait not look like a photograph, Kimberly had to throw out the rules for creating a sharp and focused image. Doing this, required the background to receive some more love than normal in order for it to be a cohesive part of the painting. And the monochrome color palette she chose to pull all of this off is absolutely stunning!
Asking Kimberly how Beyond the Brushes has helped her improve as an artist so far, she said...
"As I mentioned prior, my digital painting experience was more confusing than helpful. It was never a full and complete education. Beyond the Brushes is the absolute opposite of that. It is filled, I mean FILLED, with education that takes you on a journey of learning, exploring, and realizing that you can do this, and it is amazing. It has been so satisfying to have support from Michelle, the reviewers, and the members. There is truly nothing like it out there."
Thank you, Kimberly, for demonstrating so much of your growth in one piece of artwork. Because of your freer brushstrokes, the texture of the painting catches the eye and draws the viewer into the face. I cannot wait to see how much more progress you make breaking the basic ground rules of photography. 😉
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