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Krystal Hise

White dog
This spunky painting was created by Beyond the Brushes member, Krystal Hise. Krystal joined in October 2021 and was elated to find a program worth the investment...
"I love Beyond the Brushes because it's been the absolute best investment in myself, my creativity, and my happiness. It's given me the tools to push my artistic abilities to the next level, and there's still so much to learn! I’ve also started having flashes of inspiration where something pops into my brain that I have to write down to paint later! This is new for me, and I love this new level of creative inspiration!!"
You can learn more about this painting by clicking over to page 42 of the Spring 2023 edition of the Elevate Your Art magazine! https://www.elevateyourart.com/elevate-your-art-magazine
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