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Lana Robison

Brown horse
This majestic painting was created by Beyond the Brush member, Lana Robinson. Lana is one of the community originals that joined in September 2019. With minimal painting instruction and practice, she has overcome the obstacles in her way to become the artist she is today.
Before retiring, Lana familiarized herself with art during her career as a graphic designer. She even took 4 classes on painting in Corel and Photoshop. However, she didn't really paint anything until joining the Beyond the Brushes community.
During the creation of this piece, she proved her ability to think like a painter and relished in using freer brush strokes. Even when faced with the challenge of matching the light direction in the background to the subject, she remained on the bridle and galloped on to the finish. And what a stunning outcome! Improper use of the terminology, but what better thing to call it than a photo finish? 🤷🏼‍♀️
When asked about her experience with Beyond the Brushes, Lana said...
"I can't believe I can create images like this after only 6 months of training under Michelle Parsley's Beyond the Brushes. This type of online platform is amazing for learning to paint in Photoshop due mainly to the invaluable critiques received on each lesson. It's like having Michelle and the other reviewers looking over your shoulder, encouraging, and correcting as you paint!"
Thank you, Lana, for your kind words. Teaching you has been a joy so far, and I look forward to continuing the relationship. I am not one to place bets, but your progress and advancements point toward a promising future as an artist. Stay on the course!



You can learn more about this painting by clicking over to page 30 of the Spring 2023 edition of the Elevate Your Art magazine! https://www.elevateyourart.com/elevate-your-art-magazine
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