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Mari Lægreid

This bonny painting was created by Beyond the Brushes member, Mari Lægreid. Joining back in September 2019, Mari began her journey with "no painting experience at all...except just starting the fur painting course."
Fur can be a PAIN to paint! And that proved to be true for Mari, especially with the curly hair. She also mentioned the eyes were difficult to get just right, but she persevered and excelled in painting this pup! 🙌
Mari's furry friend is representative of her growth as an artist. From no experience whatsoever to this in just 10 months of guidance is amazing! Though skeptical of her ability to create the image, she surpassed her own expectations. This painting definitely speaks to her creative development and deliberate practice. 👏
Keep up the hard work, Mari! We can all do so much more than we believe we are capable of, and you are already producing works of art to be more than proud of!
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