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Russell Kinerson

This wondrous painting was created by Beyond the Brushes member, Russell Kinerson, PhD. Russell joined the community in June 2020 and has found a source of education he had lost heart on finding...
"I love Beyond the Brushes because it has enabled me to expand my artistic interpretation into my photographs. Beyond the Brushes has made it possible for me to re-engage in painting endeavors that I haven't explored in over 40 years. The guidance provided by Michelle and her team of volunteers is worthy of a college-level course."
Russell captured this image just as the great blue heron was launching into the air while on a canoeing trip with his wife. He decided to scumble the background and to use edge control and tonality in order to direct the viewer's eye. The final piece was primarily completed with Greasy Blender and Brushy Goodness.
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