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Sarah Musumeci

This classy portrait was created by Beyond the Brushes member, Sarah Musumeci. Though her degree is in music, Sarah’s career in art began over 20 years ago when she started doing architectural photography. And it wasn’t until 2015 that she started getting interested in painting. Her painting experience up until then comprised of her 2nd- and 3rd-grade masterpieces. 😜
Sarah started off doing 4-5 week-long classes in Painter or Photoshop, but she realized her motivation was lagging once the course was over. Luckily, a friend mentioned Beyond the Brushes to her, and she’s had a “happily ever after” experience so far.
”I love the classes! From day one, I loved the lessons, each on a new video, teaching just one or two small concepts at a time. And you can watch each video once—or 100 times! When you think you understand, you paint. When you think you ‘have it mastered’, you submit. Then, your painting is looked at carefully and critiqued. The critiques are kind - and yet exactly what you need to know to move on. And with this program, you can paint daily, or once every three weeks! I love the flexibility offered to us.”
This particular painting was created during Sarah’s first venture into the alla prima style. The background gave her some difficulty, being her first time using this style, but she listened to the critique and knocked this one out of the park! 🙌
Without this constant ‘Video, paint, feedback, and grow routine,’ over and over, I would never have stayed in it for this long. I hope the lessons never stop! I’m hooked, and I’m happy! Thank you Michelle and Beyond the Brushes.”
Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your “happily ever after” with us. I’m so excited the shoe fit, and you decided to stay. 😊
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