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Shelly Ellis

This sublime painting was created by Beyond the Brushes member, Shelly Ellis. She has been a member of the Professional Photographers of America for several years. Though she hasn't started on a degree yet, being a part of the community has boosted her self-confidence to the point she feels able to do so.
Starting with zero drawing/painting experience and minimal Photoshop skills, Shelly believes she has advanced at "lightning speed." Her journey with Beyond the Brushes began in September 2019 after completing preparing for print competition and purchasing the fur course. She has worked on Beyond the Brushes and fur painting in tandem and was excited to say...
"All this wonderful information and support has rocked my world...Beyond the Brushes has hands down been the best educational dollars I have EVER spent. The content, instruction, instructor, and community have created my safe magic-making place. My tribe..."
For this magical painting, Shelly became enthralled with the process of creating her vision. She was able to have fun utilizing her skills and modifying the brushes in order to bring it to life, and the result is absolutely breathtaking! 🙌 The hardest part she said was knowing when to consider it complete. And man, ain't that the truth.
Thank you, Shelly, for sharing the path you are on in your professional development. You truly have come so far so fast, and your community, your family, your tribe will always be there to support you. 🤗







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