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Sheri Van Wert

Scrub jay
This inquisitive painting was created by Beyond the Brushes member, Sheri Van Wert. Sheri joined in October 2021 as a Certified Professional Photographer and learned just how within reach her goals could be...
"I love Beyond the Brushes because it provides the comprehensive art education I've yearned for throughout my life. Under Michelle's encouraging and meticulously structured guidance, I find myself accomplishing tasks I once believed were beyond my reach - like drawing a nose from scratch! - and creating the images I see in my imagination. The nurturing community of exceptionally skilled artists not only inspires me, but also contributes significantly to my growth as an artist."
You can learn more about this painting by clicking over to page 18 of the Fall 2023 edition of the Elevate Your Art magazine! https://www.elevateyourart.com/elevate-your-art-magazine
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