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Stephanie Sabourin

This darling painting was created by Beyond the Brushes member, Stephanie Sabourin. Another one of our "lifers," Stephanie is thrilled to admit she has been here since the beginning.
Before joining, Stephanie had a little taste of what to expect, starting the fur painting class a few months prior. However, the fur painting course acted as her only Photoshop painting experience. Her original artistic interest lied in painting landscapes on canvas.
While creating this painting, Stephanie said the best part was the fact that this is her sweet dog, Maggie. The rhinestones on the collar proved to be a challenge, but the process was still considered a labor of love since the subject matter is so near and dear to her heart. And the labor definitely paid off! Look at that fur technique! It just makes you want to reach out and run your hands through it. 🐩
When asked about how Beyond the Brushes has helped her, Stephanie said...
"I LOVE this class. I enjoy learning how to paint, and I can see how the class is moving us through the process to become artists with our own style. Perhaps oddly, I used to have little desire to photograph or paint humans, but working through the class has made me fall in love with the human face...I am now working on painted art pieces to enter in image competitions because of this class. It has also helped me to become a better photographer because it has taught me to pay attention to different aspects of color and composition and form in ways I had not before. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a desire to further their knowledge of creating art."
Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing how Beyond the Brushes has changed your course and perspective in creating. The camaraderie you feel in the community is shared by many members, and I hope the encouragement you receive and will receive continue to mold you as an artist.




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